8 Days Later…

Can you spot the helper in the picture?

So we’re a little over a week into packing and I’ve hit the wall regarding what to do next. We’re in an interesting conundrum where we want to pack the stuff we’re taking up with us initially, but we don’t want to pack the things that will be shipped up because if we leave that in the hands of the movers, it’s insured by them. I’ve been stuck in the Basement of Doom sorting, chucking and packing for the past 7 days. I was granted a day of release for our anniversary Sunday but for the most part that was my world. The children tried their best to help out in their own special way but that only resulted in the eating of and playing in boxes. I swear… I don’t know what Jemaine’s fascination with eating tape is but that’s apparently his thing. They do help break up the monotony though. I find it amusing how they don’t care about anything down there until I go and start working. Then it’s the bee’s knees.


Anyway, at the top of the week the basement looked like a bomb hit it. I was in my own personal 20′ x 10′ post apocalyptic wasteland. I evaded booby traps, solved riddles, slayed some beasts and eventually got the basement sorted…

Not everything is as it seems...

I know. It doesn’t look like anything has been done, but wait! Through the magic wonders of Photoshop I shall reveal to you how much was actually done…

We're actually not keeping much.

Behold. Everything that isn’t highlighted is either getting sold, tossed or given away leaving us with not much to fuss over. Even the stuff that’s highlighted has be to sub sorted into what we’re bringing (be it shipping or taking on the plane) so in the end I think we’re in good shape so far. Mind you it’s just the basement junk. The bedroom, kitchen, living room and storage room is another story and brings me back to my initial quandary. I may dip into the kitchen today and arrange a care package of cookware, utensils and dishes for our initial journey up and let the movers do the rest. Maybe I’ll start sorting my tools in the storage room as well.

Bah… too much to ponder. I’ll play it by ear for today. I need the boss to make some final decisions on a lot of stuff so we can move forward with some more packing. Maybe I’ll start cooking up our supply list. Lord knows we’re gonna need it…

16 thoughts on “8 Days Later…

  1. I dread the awfulness of packing. I can’t tell what’s worse – packing or the unpacking. I just finished packing up all the Halloween decorations to store until next year. We have tons of it.

    I had a little helper also. My little Jack Russel was unpacking Halloween just a quickly as I was packing it. I think she’s a fan!

  2. Happy belated anniversary!
    I dread of moving. These photos stress me out by looking at them and I am not even moving, lol.

    The basement is the hardest part to move. Where do people put things that they hardly don’t use = the basement. Everything we don’t want to be bother with, memories, and storage is in the basement. I hope your not like me and more like my husband. He can let go and get rid of things without blinking.

    I am sure the rest of the house will be easier to pack. Hope you don’t have an attic/garage:)

    • Ha ha! No Attic or garage thankfully and yes I do tend to lean towards the chuck it methodology more than anything. The only problem comes with The Boss. She likes to keep hold on certain things so I kinda have to run it past her first before it gets the final heave ho.

        • Rat I don’t think Zen think of you as a nightmare. I think both of you are working as a team and compromising. I think you both are throwing out things. Moving is very frustrating. Just make a pile for questionable things and the rest give away or throw away as plan.
          When anyone get frustrated take a 10-30 minute break from it all for some fresh air.

  3. Your lucky to have the boss and both of you can discuss it without one saying, “nope you don’t use it you don’t need it” urgggghhhh I so miss some of my stuff we gave away. But hubby was 80% right, lol.
    No attic and garage! This is good news…smooth sailing after the basement is finish;)

    • We have an unwritten “Hesitation Rule” that we follow. If she hesitates for more than a couple of seconds, it gets tossed. Coupled with the “if we haven’t used it in this long” rule we’re getting through the bulk of the clutter with relatively no problems.

  4. That doesn’t look too bad as I have seen much, much worse. When I move, I eventually start considering the replacement cost of each item, and whether I expect to use certain items in the future. The end result is I wind up pitching a considerable amount because it has little value and hasn’t been used in years.

    • Exactly. It’s actually quite refreshing to purge so much stuff. Sure we hold onto a couple sentimental things but for the most part it’s a mass exodus of clutter.

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