Burn, Baby, Burn

Did you know that if you have stacks and stacks of paper, that it is almost impossible to burn the entire stack in any reasonable amount of time?

Yeah…neither did I.  At least until yesterday, when Ian and I decided that we wouldn’t need anymore shredded paper for packing – and in fact, require none now since the movers will literally come in and pack all of our belongings themselves.  So what to do with all the extra papers that we had to shred for confidentiality reasons?  No question – Ian, the king of campfires built a small fire pit in the backyard over the summer.  I suppose it may have had something to do with the fact that we were both a little jealous of every neighbour in our block having campfires on a weekly basis, despite the fact that I wasn’t sure that it was even allowed in the area.  Regardless, no one has every had any issues with the fire department over the small fires on any of the surrounding properties, so we decided that we would carefully and very safely have a small “camp”fire with our private documents.  And it was wonderful.  But goodness me, if you have lots of paper in your home and are afraid of the fire hazards, just make sure that all the paper is in large piles.  This was the slowest fire I’ve ever seen with so much paper.  Amazing.  I must admit it even felt a little liberating…

Too bad we didn’t have any marshmallows…


9 thoughts on “Burn, Baby, Burn

  1. Marshmallows would have been fantastic! At the end of every school year I have my kids get their stacks of school work that they don’t need anymore that isn’t “save” worthy and we burn it in our fire-pit in the back yard. They love it because it is like closure for the year. I know what you mean about the slow burn though. It takes forever!

    • too cool. I never burn a pile a paper before but a a few when I was a teenager and almost got burn when the paper start spreading. So please be careful.

      Rat…I always wanted to ask you how did you came up with your user name?

      • My user name goes back to high school. A friend and I were signing up for our very first e-mail address – back when Hotmail was HoTMaiL and not even owned by Microsoft yet. I’d say it was in 1996! Anyway, I was a huge fan of a comic strip called “He Is Just A Rat”, and also adored cheese (still do). So we came up with “ratchick” for my e-mail address. When I signed up for WordPress, ratchick was taken…hence, She.Is.Just.A.Rat. 😉

      • Ah okay, lol, I always wonder since I came across you. Very interesting about hotmail and your username. I never knew of the change over and She.Is.Just.A.Rat is more mysterious, funny, and conversational than ratchick!
        I first thought it meant you was a teller teller or that you like gossip. Instead of racking my brain I told myself just ask.
        Thank you for sharing:)

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