When Cats Can Fly

We’ve been doing a lot of gearing up in the past couple of days.  Purchased a lot of items to ensure that we will be able to withstand the extreme frigid conditions that we’re likely to face in the coming months.

But, there were some other pieces of equipment that are very important for us to remember – and those are the cat carriers.  Since Sophie will be staying with my brother until either we get down to Ontario again to bring her back to Nunavut, or someone else is able to bring her up to us, we purchased two carriers for the kittens (who really are no longer kittens).

We had really hoped that they would take to the carriers well – so to prepare them, we’ve been leaving them open in the living room so that they can try them out.

We think they’ve taken to them quite well…don’t you?

Jemaine knocked out

Brit getting comfortable...

Jemaine with his posing arm...

11 thoughts on “When Cats Can Fly

    • Well, it’s funny. We actually purchased another carrier, and neither of them went near it. Luckily I discovered that the dimensions were wrong for the plane, so we found these ones and ta da! The cats love them!

  1. Are you guys getting sedatives from the vet for your babies? I remember doing that for our cat when we moved from Newfoundland to New Brunswick…funny to watch them when they first come out of the carrier!


    • Not sure yet Wendy…I’ve heard that the airlines can refuse boarding if the cats are sedated – however I think that’s just if they’re flying in cargo. A lot of people have recommended half a Gravol – I’m not sure about it…we’ll see.

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