Halfway to the High Arctic

It is just after 9 AM, and Ian and I are sitting in airport in Ottawa…awaiting our flight to Iqaluit.  This is a remarkably quiet airport compared to Pearson International.  It’s refreshing actually.  In about four hours or so we will be in our new home.  Ian is currently recording some video of an Air Canada Jazz flight with propeller engines.  It is quite possibly our plane.  Yikes.

Jemaine and Brit are resting comfortably – except for the occasional set of meows from Jemaine.  He was a little upset on the flight during take-off and less so during the landing.  I don’t think I heard Brit more than once, if that.  Both cats are exhausted from the long night spent making final preparations for the journey.  Ian and I are as well.

Thanks to everyone who came out to AC’s place last night.  It was really nice to have the pre-send off party.  Thanks to AC for helping with all of our laundry, and with the miscellaneous items that will be worked on now that we’re gone.  Thanks to Uncle Mark for making the extremely early drive to Pearson with all of our gear.  And thanks to mom and Dan for everything.  You guys have helped out more than you can imagine and we both appreciate it so much.

It would appear that we’ll be walking out on to the tarmac in less than an hour.  So I think I’ll be signing off until our flight lands this afternoon.  After a quick orientation around town and some much-needed rest, we’ll be back online.  Here’s hoping things normalize soon for us.  This has been an overwhelming day.  Week, even.

We miss all of our southern Ontario and New York friends and family.  So don’t forget to write…

6 thoughts on “Halfway to the High Arctic

  1. Awww you guys will be fine! In fact I think you will be mayor in a week 😉

    Love you guys lots, keep your feet dry and warm and avoid Polar Bears…I am not sure but I think those Coca Cola Christmeas Bears are not an actual example of what Polar Bears are like!

  2. Bon Voyageeee! I really hope you two enjoy it up there! I can’t wait to read about all the interesting new things that you will encounter… hopefully some northern lights too! Good Luck!

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