An Early Christmas Present

We have a home!  We are moving into a new apartment in about 10 hours, and while it may still be a temporary residence, it is a home nonetheless.  Things are starting to feel a wee bit more permanent as the days go by.

We have a PO Box now (thanks Jordan!).

We shall soon have a phone number and internet service.  Which is sort of why I’m bringing this up here.  Ian and I will be offline for a few days from home.  I may be able to provide some updates, but since it’s doubtful as we’ll have lots to do, we may not be updating the blog for the next little while.  We have loads of pictures to upload, so hopefully those will hit the Photobucket album before we move so you can all have some new stuff to look at in the meantime.  We hope to be back for Christmas, but just in case we’re not…

We wish all our friends, family and random readers that pop by the happiest of holidays – whatever you celebrate.  Be safe out there – we want to see you all when we get back!

12 thoughts on “An Early Christmas Present

  1. Oh good! It’ll be so wonderful to be in your own place for Christmas so your cats can go mental Christmas morning and tear up your own place instead of the hotel ;).

  2. Dear Ian and Suzanne,

    Have the merriest of Christmas’s and best wishes for good health and happiness in 2011.
    Aunt Maureen

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