Frigid Warning

File Under:  Things to consider when you are an adult

In the same vein as “don’t whiz on the electric fence” comes a new life lesson…

Don’t walk home in the Arctic when you have an inkling that you might have to pee…

It will feel like the longest walk you have ever walked…and then you still have to take off your boots, mitts, balaclava and parka…

Check out here!

Oh, I beg to differ...

9 thoughts on “Frigid Warning

  1. Temps in Winnipeg this morning are around the -30c mark before wind and apparently we are the hot spot for Manitoba today. Burrrrr

    So I know your pain well, pee can freeze pretty damn fast in this cold, so don’t be sticking anything out that don’t need to be.

    Stay warm and toasty

  2. Lol, this was the most lustig post I have read today. I would not want to imagine what would happen wizing on a electric fence while it is sitting in snow. Poor person.
    Do it ever get warm over there like spring and summer?

  3. So I guess the question is…. if you were to pee on the side of the road, would it freeze before hitting the ground? That question comes from (16). LOL

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