The Ups and Downs of Arctic Living

Last week, we advised you of some upsetting news that our little city had faced.

This week, we’d like to update you on some of the good things that have been happening in our lives.  Ian and I have this sense that good will always counterbalance the bad…eventually. We had some bad luck with our housing situation when we first moved up, but now, we have our own place.  We’re pretty excited about it.  We told you about it before.  And now we have some pictures to show of the new unit we’re living in.  We took them before we moved in – when the painters were here.

Living room from the kitchen
Kitchen from the living room – check out those 20 ft ceilings! Okay…maybe 18 ft? I dunno…they’re HUGE!
Bedroom…lots of room! Makes up for the slightly smaller living room…
The new walk-in closet…I’m no girly girl, but I’m in heaven!

We used to have a lovely view of the bay…and we could see the airport from our balcony.  Here’s one of the old views we had – followed by the new.

What we used to see…
…and what we see now…

That’s right…we now look down upon some industrial zoned lands.  But we also have an okay view of the plateau from here.  What we didn’t realize was that when the sun goes down, that really blah view turns into this…

And this…

And these…

The skies here are absolutely incredible in the spring/summer season so far.  We’re also hoping to have more opportunities to see the auroras on this side of the building too.  They rarely seemed to appear on the old side of the building where we lived previously.

We love our new place!  But perhaps the best news of all is what we received last week.  Back during Toonik Tyme, I purchased a raffle ticket from the Nunavut Speed Skating Association while waiting in line to get into the craft show.  We got a call last week.  We won a round trip ticket for two between Iqaluit and Ottawa.  Amazing!  We’re so excited and hoping to make it back home for a visit sometime in the late summer or early fall.  We hope to catch up with as many friends and family members as possible while we’re south.  Hope to see many of you soon!

10 thoughts on “The Ups and Downs of Arctic Living

    • Thanks! We can’t wait for the darkness to come back so that we can see the northern lights again. When I was fixing up the post around 12:30 AM, the skies STILL looked like they did in the pictures. The sun just hovers behind the plateau now…come on summer solstice! Can’t wait until the days get shorter now!

  1. Love the little details in your new place – recessed windows, high ceilings, wood floors. And those sunset shots are beautiful!

    • Yeah, they’re pretty cool features. The place has loads of storage too!

      No good sunset tonight…but we did have strange little children playing on the plaza playground at about midnight…awesome, right?

    • Thank you! Yes…the views are spectacular…well, at night anyway. Ian has been hoping to do another time lapse photography thing…but the weather hasn’t been cooperating. It’s been rainy, so it just looks like a grey day all the time. It’s sunny today though, so fingers crossed!

  2. Congrats on your winning tickets!! Also loving the view from your window with the sun. But I notice that the 24 hour funky sun thing is over? Also I am digging your walk in closet (don’t have to be a girl girl to love space and organization;) and the high ceiling. It gives houses and apartments to me a nice romantic feeling (especially with your sun view…you got me in ahhhs over here).

    • Oh no…the sun may not actually be above the horizon for 24 hours, but then, it never really was. It still illuminates the sky 24 hours a day…and likely will for another few weeks or so.

      Glad I’m not the only one who adores the walk in closet. 🙂 Yeah, I sometimes just sit on our couch and look around and think “This is it, baby!”

  3. The new place looks great you guys (even the industrial view)…so glad you won those tickets…trips home were really important when I lived in Newfoundland especially!


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