Signs that Summer has come to Iqaluit

There are surefire ways to tell when certain seasons arrive in different places.  In Canada, one of those seems to be the re-emergence of the french fry truck.  Little did I know that it would be any different in Iqaluit…

Fries, burgers, dogs and of course, poutine. Yes!
You should also take note that there is a definite lack of snow cover in the background.  The ice in Frobisher Bay has been breaking up for several weeks now, and Koojesse Inlet has a lot of open water as well.  The winds off of the bay are quite cool still, but you can feel a warmth in the air now that brings a smile to your face.
Summer is definitely here!

4 thoughts on “Signs that Summer has come to Iqaluit

  1. Ooh. I want a french fry truck. Can he park in my driveway? It’s definitely summer time here. Tell him I’ll send pics as proof 🙂

  2. I haven’t seen a French Fry truck anywhere lately except at the Sussex Flea Market…there used to be at least a couple of them when I lived in Moncton 15 years ago! Neat that you have them there!


    • I’m far more excited about this than I really should be. I think I had fry truck fries EVERY day this past weekend… In all fairness, we were volunteering at the festival too…so there weren’t too many food options kicking around town that were quick and close.

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