Techincal Difficulties – Not a Nunavut Post – BEWARE (resolved)

EDIT: Update – The issue with this theme not showing images in tables properly has been resolved by the theme creator (with the help of WP support)  due to my steadfast persistence in badgering the powers that be. This post will eventually be removed or archived to avoid confusion.

Warning – If you’re here expecting a post that’s about a wonderful story or photography centering around the Iqaluit experience, this is not a read for you. This is a pseudo-rant / demonstration about the technical difficulties revolving around a  previous post of mine, this WordPress theme and the notorious Internet exploiter (aka Internet Explorer).

It was brought to my attention the other day that the post I made – The Roof is on Fire! – had some issues with the images that were being displayed or more rather, weren’t being displayed. I rarely use the storage space allotted here for images. I typically upload my images to and link them to my posts. I’ve never encountered issues doing that here in the past until now. It seems to be that there is a perfect storm of events preventing certain coding tricks I use on here to not work in this particular blog. The first element of this freak event is Internet Explorer.

As a web designer I hate Internet Explorer. It’s the bane of my existence. It’s garbage and has it’s own set of rules and restrictions regarding how web elements are displayed. Most other browsers (such as Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and even Safari) follow along a similar programming model that displays everything the same way using web standard coding. IE uses Microcrap programming that forces you to employ exemptions exclusively for it. Bitching aside, the short of it is I use Firefox more often than not to not only post here but design as well. When I first posted the article, all of the images showed up properly in the editing module as well as the preview in Firefox. I use HTML tables to display my picture elements because they’re easy to manipulate here with some CSS and keeps everything nice and tidy. WordPress’ gallery option isn’t very customizable so I use this method in my personal blog often.

Here comes test #1. I checked my Mental Wasteland page in both Internet Explorer 8 and the latest version of Firefox. The images I have displayed there are in CSS manipulated tables. The pictures of my artwork are hosted on WordPress servers. The two pictures of the sink faucets way at the bottom I just added today and are linked from Photobucket and are in a table as well. Everything shows up fine in both browsers (for me at least).

Below are the exact same two picture of the faucet in the same table model I used over there. I only copy & pasted coding folks. no additional tweaking:

If you can’t see the table with the images above that’s probably because you’re using IE. I was logged into WordPress in both Internet Explorer & Firefox while writing this just so I could preview changes in both browsers. While Firefox displays the table with the images just fine, surprise surprise, Internet Explorer didn’t. Now I could be totally wrong about all of this which is why I would appreciate it very much if people would chime in with their visual experiences to all of this. My professional conclusion is that there’s something buggy about the theme we’re using here. It’s called “Andrea” by Lucian E. Marin. The theme used on my blog is Modularity Lite by Thad Allender. Considering both blogs are using the same exact piece of coding it leads me to believe it’s something to do with the CSS styling written for this particular theme. Like I said though I could be wrong.

Anyways let me know what you come up with so I know whether I have a legitimate complaint to bring forward or not. I prefer to exhaust all of my avenues of testing before I get to complaining. My reason for posting this here and not in my own blog is because my dang images work there. I just feel bad that people who were expecting images in this blog couldn’t see them properly because they choose to roll with an inferior browser so my apologies. The sooner I get this sorted out the quicker I can find a workaround for all you Explorer users out there… that or we’ll be ditching this theme.


PS…the spelling error in the title is intentional.


The Roof is on Fire!

There IS a tree in Iqaluit!

Sunday ended up being a lazy day for us. We did get some local lurking done thanks to the unseasonably warm weather, but for the most part we didn’t get much further then the boundaries we’ve already been to. We did get a chance to get a peek inside The Source and pick up some batteries for Suzanne’s pump. I’m actually surprised at the selection of wares they have available. Once again I underestimated the resources available here. Unfortunately one unavoidable necessity of life ends up being laundry. We’re limited in what we can wear until the bulk of our clothes arrive with the rest of our stuff so we ended up using the laundry machines here at the Capitol Suites. Sunday has always been D&D day at AC’s for the past few months – meaning Dinner & Dominoes (not the roleplaying game… although at this point I wouldn’t mind that too much either) so it felt kind of vacant as the evening hours rolled around.

We need to corrupt some people as soon as we get a place…

We ended up having a pretty good dinner at The Navigator Inn. I’m loving being in a place where fish is bountiful. Down south if you get something like salmon it’s usually ridiculously expensive. While it may seem idiotic to say that something is “cheap” up here in the land of expensive living, seafood tends to be one of the cheaper items on any menu in town (and in the grocery stores) so I’m a happy camper. Char is the equivalent of salmon up here (I have been properly corrected by our local biologist buddy Missy that char is salmon – just a northern breed) and is plentiful and the shrimp are the size of Mrs. Fields cookies so if you like seafood, you’ll be in heaven. Suzanne had finally succumb to a couple of the local artisans and purchased some rather nice authentic Inuit crafts. It’ll be awesome if we had a place to put them.

Just kidding. She got them as gifts for others. We have a rule. No purchasing stuff for ourselves until we have a place to put it.

After dinner we came back to the hotel to chill. Suzanne is battling a bug that’s trying to creep up on her so taking it easy for the night seemed to be the best course of action. I was happy that my Giants finally won a game so I ended up rounding off my first football watching day in Iqaluit by flipping between the Grey Cup and the Colts/Chargers game. As much as it pains me to say it (being a devout NFL fan and all) the Grey Cup game was far more entertaining than the Sunday Night NFL one. The Walking Dead prevented me from watching most of either game. No they weren’t banging on our windows or anything. Just referring to the TV show. Not that I’m complaining. That show is so engrossing that I, the king of all things football related, doesn’t care about missing games in order to see the new episodes when they debut. Regardless I did catch the end of the Grey Cup game after the show ended. Nice finish. Congrats to the Als for the two-peat.

I guess I kind of gooched myself by saying I wouldn’t be blogging unless I got snowed in or had something remarkable to tell. Suzanne was bad and stayed up late watching crazy Mel Gibson in Edge of Darkness. I caught the beginning but passed out shortly after it started. I think she must have conked out at around 1:30am or so. As luck would have it, we celebrated our first week here with a good old fashioned abrupt wake up call at 2:27am. We were awakened by the very piercing sound of the fire alarm going off in the building. As we scrambled about looking for socks and cats, I thought foolishly to myself “This is a rather odd time to be having a fire drill”. Thank goodness Suzanne had more of a head on her shoulders than I did because she quickly got the Terrible Twosome into their carriers. By the time we got out into the hallway, a couple of other weary guests were just starting to appear from their rooms. Everyone looked confused. We smelled no smoke in the hallway and no one was running for their lives so we calmly made our way to the lobby where we encountered some other guests who were sitting around in various stages of dress. The noise from the alarm was deafening so we made our way to the foyer where it was quieter. Someone needed to let the firemen in when they came because they locked the doors after 10pm so it seemed like a good a place as any to wait. The snow was starting to come down and neither of us (or the kitties) were quite equipped to be outside the building at this point in time unless we absolutely had to.

A pair of fire rescue personnel arrived on the scene in a few minutes. One went upstairs to inspect where the source of the alarm was coming from while the other monitored the board next to where we were waiting. After about 10 -15 minutes they declared it safe to go back to our rooms. Apparently someone had discharged one of the fire extinguishers on the 3rd floor. That was all the information we were able to wrangle from them at the time. To be honest I didn’t care that much so long as it was safe. My head was pounding and I’m sure the cats were a bit rattled by the sudden evacuation so I was just happy to get back to our room. That makes me 3 for 4 with fire alarm situations now. This goes all the way back to when we lived on Waterloo campus at St. Paul’s. I had the privilege of dealing with an evacuation there. I later had a repeat performance when we were living on Vanier drive. I don’t think we every really had to evacuate at Courtland but we set off the smoke alarm there numerous times because we had no exhaust ventilation for the stove so basically whenever you cooked something – anything- it’d go off. I guess it’s just fitting that I kept the pattern alive by having yet another evac in our new stomping ground. I must just be a magnet for this craziness.

Anyway after a wonderful two and a half hours of sleep I found myself walking Suzanne to work once again. I decided to skirt the airport on the way back to the hotel so I snapped some photos along the way. The falling snow, a pair of rather ornery looking dogs and a flock of mutant ravens prevented me from lurking too much. Oh well. I’ll get some more photos eventually.

Please note that there were more photos in this post but thank you WordPress, Internet Explorer and the “Andrea theme” for screwing that up completely. If you would like to view any of the images that were linked to this entry please visit the photobucket dumping ground. Any photos I take of Iqaluit (and any neighboring areas) are originally posted there so if you want to stay up to date just keep checking there every so often. Sorry for the inconvenience.