Everything must go!

We were visited by a rep from the moving company on Monday. We gave her a walk-through of the house and let her know what we were taking with us (on the plane) and what we wanted shipped up. In the end she was surprised at how little we had to actually bring (despite the mountains of clutter she bore witness to). We’re allotted something like 6000 lbs (that includes packing materials) but we fell way under that at barely a guesstimated 1400lbs. We were also astonished at how much they’d actually pack themselves. She suggested that we let them do it because then our stuff will be covered under their insurance as opposed to if we packed it up ourselves. We’d only be covered if there was visible damage to the boxes themselves (and even then it would be a minimum) so that was kind of a no-brainer.

With the load of having to do heavy duty packing off our shoulders we were forced to deal with an old but persistent problem – the crap we’re supposed to get rid of. I spent the past couple of weeks boxing, bagging and tagging a good portion of the stuff we’ll be putting into storage. That was the easy part. Seven bags of garbage and four mega loads of recycling later we still have tons of crap to get rid of. Our ultimate plan was to either pitch a good portion of it or bring it down to the local goodwill & second hand stores.

But then I had an idea… albeit a bit late…

Virtual Online Garage Sale

Why give things away or dump them when you can make a buck off them? It’s the North American way. Sure charity and goodwill are good for the soul but it won’t pay the bills or keep us warm up there. There is an online classifieds site I use often to get rid of things locally. It’s called Kijiji. It’s similar to Craigslist in a lot of ways. Since we have so many things to offload and I didn’t feel like making individual ads for each thing I decided to employ my web design know-how to make a bare bones web page with all the  for sale items on and and use Kijiji as our starting referral point. There was a small fee involved with posting a link from there to our site but it was a worthwhile investment. Hopefully we’ll get some bites and get some of this stuff offloaded during Hell Week.


Burn, Baby, Burn

Did you know that if you have stacks and stacks of paper, that it is almost impossible to burn the entire stack in any reasonable amount of time?

Yeah…neither did I.  At least until yesterday, when Ian and I decided that we wouldn’t need anymore shredded paper for packing – and in fact, require none now since the movers will literally come in and pack all of our belongings themselves.  So what to do with all the extra papers that we had to shred for confidentiality reasons?  No question – Ian, the king of campfires built a small fire pit in the backyard over the summer.  I suppose it may have had something to do with the fact that we were both a little jealous of every neighbour in our block having campfires on a weekly basis, despite the fact that I wasn’t sure that it was even allowed in the area.  Regardless, no one has every had any issues with the fire department over the small fires on any of the surrounding properties, so we decided that we would carefully and very safely have a small “camp”fire with our private documents.  And it was wonderful.  But goodness me, if you have lots of paper in your home and are afraid of the fire hazards, just make sure that all the paper is in large piles.  This was the slowest fire I’ve ever seen with so much paper.  Amazing.  I must admit it even felt a little liberating…

Too bad we didn’t have any marshmallows…

Papers, pApErS, PAPERS!

Holy crap man. Isn’t it amazing how much stuff you find when you’re trying to move? Suzanne is a hoarder of important documents. Bills, pay stubs, notices, medical records… if it’s on paper it’s been saved for the past 7 years. So this weekend was spent sifting through papers. With some pizza and a shredder on hand we took to the task of shredding up the better portion of a decade worth of documents…

There’s a method to my madness though. I’m a seasoned vet when it comes to moving so I’ve been using this handy little tactic whenever we have to pack dedicates. Use the shreddings as padding and filler in the boxes. Works out great. Lord knows we have tons of it. While I don’t expect us to be bringing that many fragile objects up, my recent debacle with UPS has made me consider using it for everything and anything we’re bringing up.

On a side note though I’m quite happy with our progress. I disassembled my universal gym and broke down our Ikea bookshelf over the weekend as well. The weights aren’t coming and we’re still debating if we should bring the bookshelf. We have a LOT of reading material that’s coming with us and will need something to hold it but this is all dependent on if we’re getting a furnished place or not. If not then it’s coming. If so then we’ll chuck it in storage. I also find it disturbing that I managed to condense almost my entire wardrobe into one skinny dresser…

Okay so it doesn’t factor in my button-up shirts, suit and jeans but for the most part I’m about as light as I can possibly go. Mind you this includes spring, summer, fall and winter clothes… well maybe not Nunavut winter clothes. Southern Ontario clothing is more accurate. ;p

I’m pretty sure I’ll probably trim this down even further once d-day draws closer. I’ve never been a slave to fashion so parting with clothes is NOT a painstaking process for me. 😀

The Great Sort

Anyone who’s moved at least once in their lifetime knows how much crap you can accumulate over the years. Our sentimentality makes us cling to objects as though they are our lifeline despite them having been buried away in a basement, closet or shed for ages. Why can’t we ever just throw or give anything away? I’ve moved around for most of my adult life so I’ve grown accustomed to the whole moving process. This latest venture to Nunavut is one that’s going to pose probably the biggest packing challenge ever. How does one consolidate a decade worth of clutter into one move with limited space?

Phase 1 – The Great Sort – Thankfully we don’t live in an incredibly large place right now. If we did I’d dread having to sort through all the madness we could have amassed. My plan of attack is to use the basement as the Grand Sorting Station. Since the cats don’t hang out down there anymore I can use the space to start my three sections – The Taking Now Section, the Public Storage Section and the It’s Gotta Go Section. Course I can guarantee that as soon as I start moving forward with any of that the Terrible Twosome will want to inspect every little thing that’s going on. I think we’ll be leaving quite a few things for the apartment. We’ve got a nice array of lawn care supplies as well as bathroom and kitchen equipment that would come in handy.  Our landlord rocks so I’m sure we can work out some kind of deal. We’ll be leaving the place in far better shape than when we came here, that’s for sure.

I haven’t quite decided on when I’m going to take a stab at the first motions of sorting, but I imagine it to be sometime in the afternoon. I have to get a foothold in before Hurricane Suzanne comes rolling through. I’m not saying she’s a messy sorter or anything but she has what I deemed as Dyslexic Cleaning Tendencies or DCT. People who suffer from this condition don’t clean in a logical order, for example room by room or section by section, but more rather will be in all places at any given time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there’s sense to the madness but her madness and my madness don’t match up well when it comes to that facet of our relationship so I just end up standing back and watching as the hurricane blows through then i resume my work.

…but then again I do have the latest episode of Ultimate Fighter PVR’d so I could very well become easily distracted….

Gotta loooove procrastination. 😉