Alianait Festival 2011 – Day Three: Tulugak!

While Alianait was happening, there was also a local baseball tournament happening.  As with the hockey tournament during Toonik Tyme, the Iqaluit Humane Society was also raising funds by volunteering at the baseball tournament.  Ian and I decided to cover one of the shifts, which mean working the canteen.  We got to sell beer, burgers, dogs and fries to the teams playing and the spectators.  We had loads of fun, enjoyed the absolutely beautiful sunny day and collected lots of tips for the pups and kitties at the shelter.  Well, it was fun until the wind died down and the sun got so hot!  See, in the arctic, the sun tends to get hotter than it feels down south, because you’re used to the cooler weather.  Oh, that and the larger hole in the ozone layer likely helps as well.  😉

Once the shift was over, we decided to take in the evening showing of the main performance piece of Alianait, Tulugak.  Created by Sylvia Cloutier, Tulugak was meant to tell Inuit raven stories – and there were many incorporated into the wonderful experience.  As described in the Alianait brochure, the raven is depicted as so many things:  trickster, passionate lover, nuisance, thief, and skilled hunter.  Tulugak showed these many aspects through a collaborative effort of the many performers involved in various aspects of the festivals.  It was a fantastic and funny presentation, and we’re both so glad we went.  We were in awe due to the beautiful songs…and laughed out loud at the humour spread graciously throughout the show.  Here’s some of the pictures that we managed to capture…enjoy!

Mike Philip Fencker Thomsen performing as Tulugak…

Charles Keenan and Beatrice Deer performing…

The members of Artcirq as ravens watching the hatching of a third…

Vivi Sorensen as the white raven…cleaning up the garbage!

Charles Keenan on guitar, with Mathew Nuqingaq and Laakkuluk Williamson drum dancing…Beatrice Deer singing in the background…

Laakkuluk telling the story of how Tulugak came to Baffin Island from Greenland…with Vivi and Mike Philip performing…

Angu Motzfeldt on guitar…such a treat to see him perform in this…

More drum dancing with Mike Philip, Mathew and Laakkuluk…this was so beautiful…

The performers of Tulugak!

Creator of the show, Sylvia Cloutier…

The video below is part of the Tulugak performance…wish it was better sound quality, but alas, my PAS cam isn’t the best.  Cathy and Roger, this one’s for you…Artcirq performers juggling and Mike Philip Fencker Thomsen performing Marley’s ‘Three Little Birds’ in English AND Inuktitut.  Beautiful!

Concert Series, Arts Festival & Art Contest

Alianait Concert Series & Arts Festival 2011

Image Source: Aboriginal Peoples

We caught wind of this a couple weeks ago while at a crafts show. Alianait Entertainment is producing a concert series that will span the rest of 2011. Those who are unfamiliar with the name, they’re the innovators behind the Alianait Arts Festival which is held every year. From what we’ve heard and read it’s one heck of an event with live music, arts & crafts ehibits and lots of local delicacies. We’re very much looking forward to it. However prior to that is the concert series which kicks off March 19th with award-winning singer/songwriter Leela Gilday.

I’m not familar with her work but I’ve heard rave reviews so I’m looking forward to it. I haven’t been to a concert since Massive Attack played in Toronto last year so I’m kinda itchin’ for some live music. If we do decide to go one of us will be sure to write a review of it.

She’ll be performing at the Inuksuk High School between 7:30pm and 10pm this Saturday. Tickets are on sale at Ventures. For more information on the Alianait Concert Series and Arts Festival visit their website and/or Like them on Facebook!

“Raven Harmonies” Art Contest

The Nunavut Arts & Crafts Association has partnered with Alianait for a Nunavut-wide art competition. The contest theme is ‘RAVEN HARMONIES’ with the winning design being chosen for the Festival t-shirt and guide. Any form of art will be accepted.

Submit your design by email or mail as a ‘PDF’, ‘jpg’ or photo of your artwork by 5 pm March 28th 2011  to:

Alianait Arts Festival
Box 568
Iqaluit, NU X0A 0H0

So all you talented artists out there throw your two cents worth in and see if you can become a part of history. I’m even considering chucking an entry into there. Even though wildlife really isn’t my forte’ (I tend to be more along the lines of the creepy, horrific, demonic, big boobed style artwork)  but  I’m willing to take a stab at it. Who knows what will come of it? Stranger things have happened. 😉